Massivit shows scale of 3D printing for retail marketing with giant prints

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This larger-than-life, two-metre tall sports shoe was 3D printed by a Swiss model making bureau as a concept piece to show the scale of a single build on a Massivit 3D printer.

Dekom 3D Plus, based in Switzerland, uses the technology to produce giant parts for promotional and marketing campaigns – aiming to boost the wow-factor with scaled-up replicas to draw in their target audience.

The scale for producing one-off physical models has seen retail marketers and even large format printing companies (think vinyl wraps for double decker buses etc.) adopt the technology for inshore displays and big promotional events, with some interesting examples coming from Big Apple Visual Group’s work for Macy’s department stores, and Carisma’s New York tourist bus wraps featuring pop-out movie logos and characters – including Ghostbusters.
The sports shoe was produced in two pieces and produced on a Massivit 1800 3D Printer in just under 24-hours. Once printed, the sports shoe was filled with expandable foam and had a combination of self-adhesive vinyl, textiles and paint applied to enhance its realism.

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