More Autodesk 2011 release details: are the Paint/Vector sketch tools finally coming?

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There’s a web-cast currently underway and they’re talking about AutoCAD – something that I’m not really into that much (that’s personal choice). While the Autodesk team is talking about this, I’ve been looking through the what’s new images that have been made available. One thing just lept out at me and it’s this:

New Autodesk Alias Sketch software’s unique hybrid paint and vector workflow helps creative professionals transform ideas into compelling design iterations more quickly

If this happens to be the technology Autodesk showed a couple of years ago, I’m really excited. Here’s a video shown at AU 2008;

There’s also an image in there that will come as a relief for anyone that’s running inventor with a 3D Printing machine – and it’s that Inventor finally gets decent STL output in terms of saving out parts and individual part (rather than an assembly as a single lump), support for binary STL files (which are dramatically smaller in size, which is key for outsourcing).. Here’s the dialog:

We’ll be heading out to Portland at the beginning of April, so we’ll be back with more details once we’ve had a chance to kick the tyres and find out what’s really cooking with Inventor 2011, Alias 2011 and everything else that Autodesk have to offer.


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