C3D Modeler for Teigha 2018 released

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Bodies can now be constructed with sections in C3D Modeler for Teigha

Designed to develop 3D applications on the Open Design Alliance’s Teigha platform, an updated lightweight version of the C3D’s Modeler has been released.

Developers who use Teigha’s API gain access to its new 3D solid modelling functions through this module, including constructing bodies with sections, and slicing bodies by planes

C3D Modeler for Teigha already supports the creation of complex 3D solids, such as extrusions, revolutions, sweeps, chamfers, fillets, thin-walled solids, Boolean operations between solids, and solids consisting of a face and an underlying surface.

The Teigha development platform is provided by the Open Design Alliance to create a variety of engineering applications – from full-scale CAD systems, automation, general-purpose visualisation and markup, and custom data access and editing.


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