Zuken bringing electrical engineering closer to mechanical design

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Put simply, electrical design can be some fear inducing stuff, usually split off from the design and engineering sectors for a specialist job; but now Zuken is attempting to simplify and integrate the process.

Realising that the electrical CAD process fits into the overall product design process, the Japanese firm has launched E3 EDM – creating integration with PLM systems such as PTC Windchill and Siemens Teamcentre – aiming to move the process of electrical design further up the design process, and to make it more flexible for the inevitable design changes later on.

This sees design tools such as Zuken’s E3.WireWorks solution for schematic, cable, and fluid systems design in SolidWorks become more adaptable, letting electrical engineers have their input much earlier on.
Given the automotive industry’s love of a last minute redesign, having the electrical data model connected and ready to adjust along with the rest of the PLM components, it could be a huge money saver.

E3 EDM fits on to Zuken’s E3.series and Contact Software’s CIM Database EDM platform to provide data and process management for wire, harness, cable, control system and fluid design.

A collaborative platform, it can also connect suppliers and OEMs using a web portal.



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