Boxed-up prices for SLS 3D printing

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3D Printing studio Digits2Widgets is now offering standard prices for ‘digital basket containers’ of varying sizes from its Nylon SLS printers.

The system, based on the same principles as a shipping container, allows you to print however many objects that fit in to a specific sized container – such as multiple versions of your design simultaneously, or multiple different objects – all for a fixed price.

It’s a great idea, especially for hobbyists, students and the like, to consolidate a number of different projects in to the same basket in order to gain the most economical parts.

It’s a great solution to the pricing issues that surround 3D printing; negating the need for achieving a quote, or haggling for the best deal, and standardising the process.

“We can neatly stack the different digital containers inside the build volume and then once the printing is complete, all of the parts relating to a specific job are contained in the basket that has been built around them,” explains Digits2Widgets.


“The basket design of the containers allows us to shake out the unsintered powder and then wash or bead blast the parts clean through the open sides of the basket. The customer then takes delivery of the container which can then be broken open to reveal the parts.”

Printing them inside a container also adds additional protection to the objects for when they are dispatched to the customer, although they’ll still be boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap as standard.

There are 12 different basket volume .stl files which can be ordered at a set price, downloadable as a CAD volume that represents the precise space available for you to fill.

“We anticipate that this system will lead to much less waste unsintered powder, as customers will be motivated to fill the baskets to their maximum potential in order to achieve the best value for money.

“We are also looking forward to playing dock crane drivers as we lower and then stack containers in to the hold!”

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