New HP Designjet 3D printing solution takes RP mainstream

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3D printing is about to go mainstream as Hewlett Packard released their first rapid prototyping machine for office use.

We’ve been expecting it for a while now, and as more and more attention is given to 3D printing in various media, it was only a matter of time before a giant company sat up and took notice.

The new HP Designjet 3D and it’s colour varient, the Designjet Colour 3D will start from just under €13,000 for the single coloured ABS printer. Although what you first notice is that the printer looks very familiar…

The HP printer is essentially a Stratasys Uprint, a printer we loved for it’s small, simple nature and tough models.

HP have got into bed with Stratasys, signing a deal back in January to develop their line of 3D printers, with the result being a machine ‘built to HP-spec’ (ie. gone is the cheerful colour frontages), but with very little difference.

It’s bad news were you fancying a Uprint for your office; the deal with the giant firm means that Stratasys are no longer allowed to sell their models in the UK or any other country where HP is launching the Designjet 3D, despite it costing nearly €1,000 more.


HP were happy to reveal that they are also developing a full range of 3D printers with Stratysys, leaving the possibility that the RP firm will either be completely engulfed by HP sometime in the future, or resort to making it’s money from stepping back and producing the machines and supplying the lucrative ABS plastic.

HP have found a less messy method, no dust clouds or intensive cleaning needed, plus it’s a relatively small and quiet machine. Marketing it as something that every office could use (much like it’s other 2D printers) it even comes with its own ‘Removal System’, or a mini dishwasher to wash away the build-support material for an eye-watering €5,000.

With HP rapid prototyping now has a big brand name to bring more attention to it, and a huge reseller base to get it out there, but will this be tempting you into buying one?

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