Adobe Project Felix integrates V-Ray into Creative Cloud

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Adobe states that Project Felix means ‘You don’t have to be a 3D expert to incorporate 3D techniques into your creative process’

Chaos Group has partnered with Adobe to bring V-Ray’s rendering technology to the Creative Cloud (CC), giving graphic designers the power of photorealistic 3D rendered composites with Project Felix.

Project Felix is a public beta desktop app that helps users composite 3D assets like models, materials and lights with background images, resulting in an editable render they can continue to design in Photoshop CC.

For example, users can turn a basic 3D model of a generic bottle into a realistic product shot that is fully lit and placed in a scene to create an ad, concept mock-up or even abstract art.

V-Ray acts as a virtual camera, letting users test angles, perspectives and placement of their model in the scene before generating a final high-res render.


Using the preview window, Felix users get immediate visual feedback on how each edit affects the final rendered image, letting designers ideate more naturally as their designs come to life.

By integrating V-Ray, Adobe is hoping photorealistic rendering can now be harnessed by more users, namely graphic designers, with this first public beta.

“We’re thrilled that Adobe has chosen V-Ray to be the core rendering engine for Project Felix, and to be a part of a new era for 3D in graphic design,” said Chaos Group CEO Peter Mitev.

“Together we’re bringing the benefits of photoreal rendering, and a new design workflow, to millions of creatives worldwide.”

“Working with the amazing team at Chaos Group meant we could bring the power of the industry’s top rendering engine to our users,” said Stefano Corazza, senior director of engineering at Adobe.

“Thanks to their stellar team, our collaboration lets graphic designers design in a more natural flow. Each edit comes to life right before their eyes.”

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