Blue Ridge & Bolton Photosciences release ‘first’ CFD UV Reactor design tool

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Here’s an interesting announcement, Blue Ridge Numerics just announced the availability of the new UVCalc Module for its CFdesign CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system that allows the simulation and validation of ultraviolet (UV) reactor performance to ensure accurate fluence rates (irradiances) for UV light disinfection.

According to the folks at Blue Ridge, “The use of germicidal UV light is a rapidly expanding technology that is used to ensure public safety by deactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, removing their ability to multiply and cause disease.

Design engineers developing UV applications for drinking water disinfection, wastewater treatment, and manufacturing processes for the food and beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, and semiconductors industries (among others) can now use a familiar, CAD integrated system to further extend what can be simulated using the same tools and same datasets.

After all, when this type of technology is built into a system like CFdesign, it can be used as a part of the design process – something that’s critical for this type of work, as being able to accurate simulate such processes, early on, means you can not only catch errors earlier (prior to build), but also perform some optimization and refinement of your work based on simulation, rather than best guess. Where has this technology come from? the answer is Bolton Photosciences and Dr. Jim Bolton, a recognized expert in the UV calculation field and developer of UVCalc, now it is third generation. While we could wax lyrical about how this system works and what it can do, instead we asked Derrek Cooper (@derrekcooper) at Blue Ridge (@cfdesign) to show us:

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