Crowd investment marks next stage for ‘clean CNC machine’ start-up Muncaster Technologies

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Muncaster Studio series are looking to modernise professional quality CNC machining, while making it more inclusive

We’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of Muncaster Technologies’ compact CNC machine for some time, and thankfully its progress is coming on apace as it opens up for a round of crowd funding.

Measuring just one meter square, the compact, sound-proofed Muncaster Studio series machines will be able to fit through an office doorway and plug into a normal office wall power outlet – making it the office CNC machine of your dreams.

An automatic cleaning system deposits waste material into a removable, self sealing cassette, thus keeping your studio super clean and convenient, while it churns out prototypes from proper materials using a high speed machining process.
Making CNC machining accessible to all is a huge part of what the team is doing, and backed by software giants Autodesk already, the goal is in sight as it sets out to raise a further £400,000 by offering stakes in the company on Crowdcube, a leading investment crowdfunding platform.

Find out more, and possibly even invest a few quid here.


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