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Beta CAE launches Ansers and Fatiq

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Beta CAE Systems has announced the launch of Ansers, a web dashboard interface that allows users to compare simulation and physical test results, and Fatiq, fatigue life prediction analyses software.

Answers aims to provide simulation and test engineers with the ability to combine CAE and physical test data.

Ansers aims to simplify the amounts of data generate from both simulation and physical text data engineers have to analyse, as well as accelerate the design evolution decision-making by providing an environment where engineers can build comprehensive, elaborative and dynamic dashlets for accessing, visualising, correlating, and sharing data.

The tool should comprise an out-of-the-box solution, offering simplicity on the front end while handling the complexity of the simulations and test data structures on the back end.

With Ansers, users should be able to retrieve data from a variety of servers through simple filters that respect security restrictions.

Users should also be able to compare simulation and physical test results effortlessly, as well as generate different dashlets and share them effortlessly among stakeholders.

Beta CAE system said the Ansers environment can be accessed through a web browser, from any desktop or handheld device.


Ansers was developed to equip engineers with a tool far more powerful than conventional reports in their effort to communicate results to other colleagues and non-experts while offering a different level of detail depending on the needs of each user.

Fatiq is a software dedicated to prediction analyses developed to be easy and streamlined to setup, run, and to provide results for fatigue analyses, that eliminate the bottlenecks faced with the use of other software.

With this new software, Beta CAE promises a comprehensive platform for the thorough assessment of the longevity of structures, while removing the complexity in doing so.

Fatiq should allows the study of structures life, by providing a stepwise workflow manager, and a portfolio of tools for the preparation of models for multiple analyses and tasks.

It should supports the input of FE results from various solvers, and offer intuitive interactive post-processing capabilities, for fatigue life prediction in frequency and time domain.

Fatiq and Ansers are offered as part of the Beta CAE Systems suite and are available worldwide by for Beta CAE Systems users and its business partners.

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