SolidCAM adds robotics integration with Octopuz

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Offline robotic programming and simulation software Octopuz has partnered with SolidCAM to offer users the ability to program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for most robot brands in any configuration.

With the partnership comes full integration of Octopuz and SolidCAM products, combining advanced tool paths with the world of industrial robotics, allowing toolpaths, origins, and other parameters to be converted into the correct joints, twists, and turns of robotics.

The robot can then follow a path given the specifications set in SolidCAM or the manipulations applied to the paths in Octopuz.
Full error detection/avoidance is included for joint limits, reach limits, collisions, and singularities.

The connection means users can also import all data including the part geometry, tooling, and toolpaths from SolidCAM. After syncing, Octopuz will automatically open with the part and toolpath in the correct location relative to the robot user frame, ready to go.

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