First Look: PLM-integrated Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for NX

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Moldex3D eDesignSYNC integrates into Siemens NX and Teamcentre

Moldex3D’s new integrated Siemens NX flow simulation tool allows users to add plastic injection moulding technology directly into Teamcenter PLM data.

It is suggested that the new eDesignSYNC integration enables users to easily detect possible manufacturing defects in their initial design, allowing users to simulate and visualise how plastic is injected to fabricate a plastic part and share valuable simulation data through the product cycle.

By keeping the simulation data on Teamcenter its aim is to aid designers, engineers and tool makers better adjust their tasks with more reliable information.

Users can complete simulation, component modelling and display the results in the same NX window


The integration allows users to import designs and injection molding analysis into the PLM system simply by saving the files in the working folder. It also gives product designers the chance to evaluate and avoid manufacturing issues earlier in the process.

Within the product it combines advanced numerical simulation methods with industrial best practices (gate location, runners, etc.) to guide CAD designers in assessing potential manufacturing issues.

Real-time feedback on these problems allows multiple product and process configurations to be evaluated for system-level optimisation and hopefully, reduced engineering changes.

Additionally, eDesignSYNC for NX looks to save design time in prepping for simulations and validating design alternatives with intuitive injection molding simulations in the NX environment.

Users can complete the simulation workflow from component modeling to results displaying in the same NX window, enhancing integration between Moldex3D and NX.