MI:Materials Gateway to give further integrated access to materials data

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Materials Gateway appears as a pop-up window inside the user’s host system

Granta Design has announced the release of Granta MI:Materials Gateway 3.0, its third generation solution for accessing managed materials data within CAD, CAE, PLM systems.

Looking to aid the management of the wide-ranging and valuable materials information for product design, Gateway provides traceable data directly within the user’s design, simulation, or PLM environments, reducing time spent searching for information, and giving accuracy and consistency.

Developed through partnerships with the leading design and engineering software providers, Gateway appears as a pop-up window inside the host system, with no need for file transfer.

Users can open the MI:Materials Gateway window to browse or search their company’s materials database


Usability has been the key focus for this new release, with familiar operations such as copy, paste, undo and redo now operating directly on material and manufacturing process assignments in CAD.

The ability for users to save and re-use combinations of search criteria that reflect their requirements further extends the concept of materials ‘favourites’. Keyboard shortcuts provide a familiar application feel.

Together these ease-of-use enhancements look to provide quick, intuitive operation of Granta’s ‘material intelligence’ functionality, within the host system.

Interoperability has been further extended, with direct support for MI:Product Intelligence, Granta’s solution for product risk reporting.

Reports on risks associated with critical materials, restricted substances, and more can now be run directly within CAD or PLM, enabling any product risk to be highlighted earlier in the design phase.

In addition, materials assignment information can now be exchanged with MI:BoM Analyzer, Granta’s new web app for assessing product risk from a Bill of Materials (BoM).

MI:Materials Gateway 3.0 takes full advantage of the functionality of Granta MI Version 8, and supports the latest versions of host systems, including Abaqus 6.14, HyperMesh 13, and Windchill 10.

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