Autodesk BUILD Space opens its doors in Boston

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Boston has a new home for advanced digital fabrication, robotics and industrialised construction at Autodesk’s BUILD Space

Building, Innovation, Learning and Design – Autodesk’s new BUILD Space has opened in Boston as a home for innovation focused on the future of making things.

The venue, which DEVELOP3D LIVE borrowed for an exclusive post show party, will host teams from academia and industry in fields including digital fabrication, design robotics and industrialised construction.

It’s a proper workshop, too, featuring:
– More than 60 pieces of large-format equipment including six industrial robots, and 11 dedicated workshops for wood, metal fabrication, composites, 3D printing, laser cutting, and large format CNC router and waterjet

– 34,000 square-foot space with equipment to support work with nearly any material used in the product design process, as well as the building and infrastructure construction processes – steel, wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, glass, and composites like carbon fibre

– A five-ton bridge crane for large fabrication projects and moving equipment and materials between floors


All of the equipment ultimately allows Autodesk to improve the integration and feedback between its software and the world’s most advanced fabrication tools.

An addition to the company’s Global Innovation Studios, which includes Pier 9 in San Francisco, Autodesk is providing work space as well as access to advanced training and equipment at no cost to the lucky participants.

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