Partnership for virtual prototyping to increase child seat safety

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Virtual Pre-Certification helps accelerate the certification process while lowering R&D costs

Child car seat design and development specialists JMDA are joining forces with virtualisation experts ESI to allow child car seat manufacturers to reach new levels of technical understanding and design

By combining child car seat design and virtual prototyping, using ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution, a proposed design can be virtually tested, to gain information about expected product performance and regulatory compliance before committing to major investments.

The seat and its restraint system can be optimised early on in the design phase; reaching higher performance levels, while enabling manufacturers to achieve Virtual Pre-Certification, accelerating the product certification process while lowering R&D costs and making less conservative design decisions.
JMDA managing director Derrick Barker, said: “It opens up fresh opportunities to innovate, prove new concepts, test the limits and establish sound due diligence evaluations for new designs. We can also research the impact of planned changes in regulations to further support the industry.”

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