Update – Stratasys seeks riches in the jewellery industry

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This bubble pendant by Lynne MacLachlan uses a Solidscape lost-wax casting method

The lovely people of Stratasys have bundled together some answers to our hastily arranged questions following the announcement last week that they have acquired SolidScape.

Stratasys technical communications manager Joe Hiemenz replied with the following:

DEVELOP3D: Are SolidScape’s machines simply going to be re-branded with Stratasys’ livery, or are new models immediately planned?

Joe Hiemenz: SolidScape is now a subsidiary of Stratasys. Its operations will stay in New Hampshire and their products will keep the SolidScape name brand. Although there are no plans to consolidate operations, the two companies will immediately begin exploring synergies between engineering and marketing.
Will precision lost-wax casting be incorporated into the RedEye On Demand digital manufacturing service?
There are no plans for RedEye to offer services using SolidScape technology.

How exactly is Stratasys planning to expand the use of these machines (ie. target more jewellers, or other areas that could benefit from the tech?)
We think there’s a good opportunity to expand growth of Solidscape’s Drop-On-Demand technology in the jewelry market because today there is only 10 percent CAD adoption by designers, but adoption is growing by 15 per cent annually.


Besides the jewellry industry Drop-On-Demand technology has potential for other markets requiring high precision, which are relatively untapped, such as dental and medical markets.

It’s too early to speculate on specific actions we’ll take because we haven’t had the necessary operational meetings yet. Discussions will be occurring between the two companies to determine the best way to proceed.

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