CGTech announces ‘physics-based’ toolpath optimisation module Vericut Force

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In its latest version, Vericut 8.0.3 has added new enhancements to its Force module, including new features for better control of entry/exit speeds, ‘clean-up’ feed rates, and tooling information has been re-arranged to be more intuitive.

Force is a physics-based optimisation method that determines the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition based on four factors: force on the cutter, spindle power, maximum chip thickness, and maximum allowable feed rate.

It manages to calculate the ideal feed rates by analysing tool geometry and parameters, material properties of the stock and cutting tool, detailed cutting edge geometry, and Vericut cut-by-cut contact conditions.
The module now receives input values directly from cloud-based tooling, and should benefit from many new features that streamline optimisation setup.

By micro analysing the cutting conditions encountered by an NC Program, Force should ensure NC programs have optimal feed rates, and ideal chip thicknesses that do not exceed safe force or power limits.

Other new features include improved Charts display, which enables NC programmers and Mechanical Engineers to virtually see and evaluate force, chip thickness, volume removal rates, and more in NC programs before running on their CNC machine.

“Force excels in difficult to machine materials, and especially complex multi-axis cuts such as 5-axis flank milling,” said CGTech managing director Tony Shrewsbury.


“Force is based on the basics, it is easy to set up and really easy to use. After materials have been characterised they can also be applied to a broad range of cutters and machines in other NC machining operation.”

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