LiveLink for SolidWorks puts Comsol’s simulation apps right in front of designers

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The Comsol Multiphysics ribbon tab and embedded Comsol Server interface in the SolidWorks user interface.

Comsol has announced an update to its LiveLink for SolidWorks product, which acts as an add-on to the Comsol Multiphysics software let a CAD model be synchronised between the two software packages.

The latest version allows easier access for launching and running simulation apps that can be used in synchronicity with SolidWorks, and allowing users to build their own apps with the Application Builder

Capabilities are shown nicely through existing apps such as Bike Frame Analyzer; available in the Application Libraries it leverages LiveLink to interactively update the geometry while computing the stress distribution in the frame that is subject to various loads and constraints.

The user interface of the Bike Frame Analyzer app showing the effective stress on the frame with a 180-degree crank angle


Using it, you can easily test different configurations of a bike frame for different parameters such as, dimensions, materials, and loads.

The app computes the stress distribution and the deformation of the frame, based on the structural dimensions, materials, and loads/constraints of the bike frame.

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