CAD Exchanger 3.10 Autodesk Inventor import in CAD Exchanger copy

CAD Exchanger 3.10.1 adds Inventor import

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CAD Exchanger has releases CAD Exchanger 3.10.1, adding Autodesk Inventor import and Solidworks user-defined and validation properties import its toolset for 3D CAD software developers and end-users.

CAD Exchanger Visualization toolkit usability - Manipulator mode in CAD Exchanger copy
CAD Exchanger Visualization toolkit usability – Manipulator mode in CAD Exchanger copy

The addition of Autodesk Inventor means CAD Exchanger now has 7 native CAD formats covered, with now both extensions (.ipt, .iam) in versions 2015 – 2021 of Inventor now able to be imported, preserving B-Rep geometry, colours, names, and assembly structure.

Version 3.10.1 has added new features for existing CAD formats, with the notable inclusion of allowing the reading of metadata from Solidworks files to simplify product identification or its further processing. Also with the new release, it is possible to verify the correctness of the file conversion with the validation properties, such as values of volume, area, centre of gravity, and bounding box.

Elsewhere, there’s broader versions coverage for Catia, DWG, and Siemens NX, enabling better compatibility for the import of CATIA V5R16, V5R17, and V5R30, DWG 2010, NX 1926 Series, 1953 Series, and 1980 Series.

Visualization toolkit is CAD Exchanger SDK’s add-on that enables software developers to add CAD visualisation to their Qt, WPF, or Windows Forms apps. In 3.10.1 the scene node factory API is reworked – previously it only allowed the creation of sub-graphs, and now the creation of single scene nodes is also supported. This should simplify the workflows where a scene graph is edited on the fly or when a custom scene graph is needed.

Manipulator, a tool that can be used to move or rotate objects on the scene, can now be set up programmatically to do only rotations or translations. This enables the client code to finely control which transformations apply to which objects.


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