Robotic automation sees Creaform introduce 24/7 3D scanning with its R-Series upgrades

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Creaform has launched the R-Series Productivity Station and R-Series Autocalibration Kit as upgrades to its robotic metrology dimensional measurement solution a growing alternative to traditional shop-floor CMMs.

The MetraScan 3D R-Series solution has been designed to enable manufacturing companies to combine both optical measurements and industrial automation – with the auto calibration functionality and standalone station removing human interaction and allowing 24 hour operability.

The unit comes with Automatic field calibration procedure built within industrial-grade hardware, including tool changer, computers and touch screens; NEMA 12 certification; meaning fully robotized calibration.

The Productivity Station (left) and Autocalibration Kit (bottom)

The 3D scanner produces accuracy of up to 0.030 mm, resolution of up to 0.050 mm, high repeatability and traceable certificate.


“The major mechanical and software upgrades to the R-Series product line allow operators to run data acquisition, while simultaneously analyzing previously acquired data to maximise throughput,” said Creaform product manager Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie.

“Self-calibration limits the need for human involvement, ensuring higher throughput and 24/7 operation.”

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