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Authentise launches Flows and Flows AM digital solutions

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Authentise has announced the launch of Flows and Flows AM engineer process management and AM workflow management platforms, which aim to transform the way organisations operate supply chains.

With this new release, Authentise looks to assist industrial engineers and manufacturing businesses in planning, managing, executing and tracking their operations to improve productivity, reduce cycle times, and drive compliance.

Formerly known as the advanced Manufacturing Execution System (aMES), Flows should incorporate many tools with capabilities that include real-time quoting, machine-data-driven status updates, material genealogy and supplier management.

Authentise said that, while these features are already used to manage post-processing such as heat treatment and machining, this release focuses on data automation, modularity, total workflow management, real-time data insight and machine learning.

“We have long sought to use our experience in the additive sector to fuel digital manufacturing as a whole,” said Authentise CEO Andre Wegner.

“Additive has key advantages that make it a fertile sandbox, such as more data, less legacy and focus on lot size 1. That ability to manage agile operations is increasingly in demand as the world moves to address recent supply chain failures. That is why we’ve chosen this point to release Flows and Flows AM.”

“Since I joined the team eight months ago it’s become increasingly clear that Authentise has a special sauce when it comes to handling production operations that require a high degree of flexibility,” said Authentise VP of agile manufacturing Keith Perrin.


“I know from experience that this is a big gap in the market, now more than ever. Authentise’s ability to integrate machine data, 3rd party software tools, and human operations, into a contextual process is critical to meeting that need.”

“The success we’ve seen with some of the world’s most advanced agile engineering operations speak for themselves. I’m excited to bring this capability to other enterprises looking to deliver more flexible engineering, production and supply chains.”