Optis launches SolidWorks Lighting simulation tool

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Optis brings its powerful lighting simulation to the mainstream

It’s SolidWorks World in Los Angeles this week, so brace yourself for an onslaught of announcements from Dassault and its partners as things progress. One of the first out of the trap with their news was Optis.

Optis has had its Speos product on the market for a good number of years and it’s found homes in all manner of industries where the ability to simulate light and its interaction with materials to a highly accurate degree is critical.

Of course, that need for Ultimate accuracy means that it has traditionally been a high value sell for companies with high-end requirements, high-end stakes and deep pockets. What Speos hasn’t traditionally addressed is the much wider, but more cost conscious market of lighting product and system design and it’s built directly into SolidWorks.

“OPTIS is committed to enabling the lighting industry to create tomorrow’s products today by avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of physical prototyping. With Speos Lighting for SolidWorks, we allow users to create innovations in lighting, such as connected and autonomous luminaires, green lighting or even lighting focused on humans – all compatible with virtual reality,” said Jacques Delacour, CEO and Founder of OPTIS. “


If you fancy a look at what its got and are attending the event, you can learn more at booth 222 or on the Optis website.

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