VXelements 11

Creaform VXelements 11 features enhancements to VXinspect

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Creaform has announced the launch of VXelements 11, its 3D scanning software, adding new features and enhanced performance levels, including improvements to the dimensional inspection module VXinspect.

In the VXelements 11 upgrade, VXinspect has been divided into two separate modules: VXinspect Analysis and VXinspect Quality Control.

Creaform said both modules have been completely redesigned and optimised to cater to distinct phases of the manufacturing quality control process.

VXinspect Analysis was developed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly inspection software and aims to simplify dimensional root cause analyses in design and manufacturing.

Quality Control meanwhile is billed as a comprehensive 3D inspection software designed for advanced quality control applications during subsequent production phases.

VXelements‘ scan-to-CAD module, VXmodel, which is used for reverse engineering and additive manufacturing workflows, now supports Autodesk Fusion 360, joining the list of integrated CAD solutions, which already includes SolidWorks, Inventor, and Solid Edge.

Users should now be able to directly transfer CAD files from VXmodel to Fusion 360, streamlining the reverse engineering process.


In order to improve flexibility and ease of use, Creaform said that VXelement 11 features expanded interoperability between VXscan-R, its digital twin environment software module, and new robot brands and models, such as UR10, Fanuc CRX-25i, and M-10iD/8L.

VXscan-R also should also enable users to record trajectories directly from teach pendants with select collaborative robots.

In anticipation of the new release, Creaform said it has made significant usability and ergonomic enhancements to VXelements’ application modules, ensuring a more intuitive platform and an enhanced user experience for operators of all skill levels.

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