Gravity Sketch launches on Oculus and Steam to anyone with a VR headset

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Since its beta release in January, Gravity Sketch has been used by 500 vehicle and industrial designers, resulting in a release version with a full suite of tools that allows free-drawing as well as surface and model creation in 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

Now open to all users via Steam and Oculus, its developers are aiming to change how industries, from gaming to automotive, design their products, with a professional-grade Enterprise version still to arrive later this year.

Back in January, we caught up with Gravity Sketch co-founder Oluwaseyi Sosanya, who explained that the product is part of the company’s view of a fully integrated three-dimensional workflow.
“The majority of ideas and work we are involved in have a 3D component yet we have trained ourselves over the past few thousand years to represent our 3D ideas in 2D mediums,” said Sosanya.

“This is the first time in history that we can bring our ideas from mind to reality three dimensionally; technology has finally caught up and with the power of the smartphone we can all access our ideas from a 3D thought to a 3D representation with no steps in between.”

Read the full interview here.

Gravity Sketch has received funding and business support from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Hub, which helps entrepreneurs turn their engineering innovations into viable businesses, and was awarded the ERA Foundation Entrepreneur’s Award. Gravity Sketch also received support from the James Dyson Foundation.


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