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Polyga rolls out new Compact S1 3D scanner

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Polyga has introduced Compact S1, an entry-level desktop 3D scanning system, with two integrated 2.0-megapixel cameras, powered by a LED light source.

The 3D scanner utilises a USB 3.0 interface which should improve processing time for the scans, as well as make it easier to set up.

The new desktop scanner by Polyga comes with its software Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing, which should be able to clean, merge and stitch multiple scans together to create a complete digital 3D model.

Polyga says that the Compact S1 was redesigned to improve the field of view and has been launched in two models: standard S1 and S1 wide.

While both models have the same physical dimension, the Standard model features a 100mm diagonal field of view and the S1 wide offers a 20mm diagonal field of view.

Advertised as an entry-level professional scanner, it can scan objects from 5 to 30 cm with an accuracy of 0,35 mm.

The most affordable in the line, Compact S1 is capable of scanning 2 million points at a scan speed of 0.5 seconds, has a field of view of 100 x 80 – 120 x 105 mm and a depth of field of 70mm.


Polyga said Compact S1 is ideal for scanning small objects such as small mechanical parts, computer mice and dental moulds.

As the name suggests, this desktop 3D scanner is easy to transport with its dimensions of 58 x 270 x 158.

According to Polyga, Compact S1 is easy to set up as it doesn’t require any calibration: users should be able to operate the 3D scanner just by connecting it and installing the Flexscan3D software.

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