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FARO RevEng 2021 adds automatic NURBs surfacing

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FARO RevEng 2021 has been launched, with the software looking to reduce data capture time and eliminate overlapping data points for reverse engineering Scan-to-CAD workflows.

The Automatic NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) Surfaces Creation Tool in FARO RevEng 2021 allows for the creation of a full network of curves and surface patches ‘with the click of a button’, ready for immediate export into a CAD file.

FARO says that full control is also possible by customising the surface patches in the sketch mode with its flexible control point placement, while curves are colour-coded to quickly verify surface continuity.

The 3D point cloud capture enables users to create models up to 1.75X lighter with a grid management feature to obtain clean, light, and consistent point cloud data.

“Reverse engineering with RevEng is easier and faster than ever,” said FARO software product marketing manager John Chan.

“Users can scan with a FARO ScanArm – paired with the optional 8-axis rotating platform to increase acquisition speed – to generate a mesh of the highest quality and quickly produce exportable CAD surfaces for machining, finite element analysis simulations or 3D modelling.”

Users can also import point cloud or mesh files from any source and repair the mesh with RevEng optimisation tools, which FARO says can automatically repair meshes up to 20-times faster than current leading tools and improves smoothing effectiveness up to 1.5-times faster.


FARO RevEng 2021 remains software agnostic and can be paired with any inspection program, even for users working with other software products.

Additional RevEng 2021 upgrades include:

Deviation Colour Range – When reviewing deviations, users can adjust the range of colors, facilitating the validation and review of critical areas

Info Panel – Additional data, including the number of holes as well as watertight mesh confirmation have been added, readily exportable for downstream applications

Feature-reserving Remeshing – Makes it possible to preserve sharp features, allowing changes to mesh density while preserving the design intent in corners and edges, improving compatibility with downstream workflow and applications

The user interface of RevEng 2021 has been updated to maintain intuitive control for the user, displaying all tools in a single location, facilitating the easy manipulation and customisation of a 3D object and enables the fastest cloud-to-CAD conversion in the industry, significantly enhancing workflow productivity.

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