How much value does a colour add?

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Would an exclusive rose gold finish make you more likely to buy this private jet?

Last year we stumbled across what we believed to be the ultimate crowdfunding project, the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie private plane – yours starting from $595,000.

Nothing more than prototypes and renders were available at the time, yet now super retailer Marcus Neimann has added the Co50 Valkyrie to its list of seasonal Fantasy Gifts at an eye-bleeding price of $1.5M, complete with an even more retina blasting rose gold colour way.

This price tag also bags you an exclusive interior from the skilled hands of former luxury goods craftsmen, but it’s a hefty price to pay, regardless of how incredible the design, engineering and finish – so does the colour bring it more attention than ‘standard’ private jet white, moody black, or Trump gold?
The humble family car comes with a list of upgrades at a cost, one of the most requested being the choice of ‘exclusive’ colours, meanwhile Apple caused the original craze for rose gold with its iPhone.

In a world where we can have almost any product in any colour that takes our fancy, it still goes to show that a flash of the unusual, or a glimmer of perceived value is enough to have consumers sit up and pay attention.

Something you can take into account when online shopping with Marcu Neimann. That’ll be one private jet in rose gold, and six pairs of socks in black.


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