Customisation key in 3D Systems’ latest acquisition

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The arrival of summer has not seen 3D Systems let up in its spending spree – having announced its latest acquisition: Bespoke Innovations, a San Francisco start-up that 3D prints custom fit prosthetics.

Bespoke develops proprietary, integrated scan, design and print technology that is designed to deliver custom fit prosthetics, orthotics and orthopedic devices that improve treatment and look pretty impressive too.

3D Systems plans to integrate Bespoke into its growing healthcare solutions services and commercialise a full range of innovative, ventilated and lightweight custom fit prosthetics.

“Bespoke products can deliver extraordinary individualisation and style to an underserved audience through its extraordinary designs and proprietary scan-to-print technology,” said Abe Reichental President & CEO, 3D Systems handing over a suitcase full of £100 bills.

“We plan to fast-track additional Bespoke products to market and to enhance their affordability and availability through our technology and manufacturing infrastructure.”


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