Simcenter 3D elevates electromagnetic simulation in new release

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Simcenter can now help maximise antenna and sensor performance and address electromagnetic interference

The latest version of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Simcenter 3D software features some major enhancements for low- and high-frequency electromagnetic solutions to help accelerate their simulation processes.

Increased multidisciplinary integration capabilities, faster CAE process, openness and scalability are additional upgrades in what looks like a move to add greater capabilities to the software to allow it to integrate with what Siemens calls its ‘digital thread’.

With more electronics included in products, it’s becoming even more important for engineers to understand how electromagnetic performance can potentially affect products, with Simcenter 3D looking to take the lead on electromagnetic simulation and streamline multi-physics workflows between electromagnetic and other physical simulations.
“Leading companies today realise the value simulation can bring to the product development process in terms of cost, speed, and impact to innovation,” said Jan Leuridan, senior VP simulation and test solutions, Siemens.

“The latest enhancements to Simcenter 3D continue to expand the capabilities for predicting product performance and simulating more complex solutions to offer expanded value to our customers.”

Additional updates to this release include some swifter CAE processes, with a new immersed boundary method offering engineers the chance to spend less time modelling for computational fluid dynamics analysis.


Engineers should also be able to ‘instantaneously compute’ new configurations for flexible hoses and pipes after a design configuration change.

Calculated vibrations from common third-party finite element solvers can now be loaded into a structural or vibro-acoustic solution in Simcenter 3D, potentially leading to a better understanding of how vibrations will impact perceived sound by end-customers.

While a new enhanced interface between Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Testlab software should help engineers better collaborate with colleagues in the test group, which can keep analyses correlated with physical test results.

You can read more on the electromagnetic updates here.

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