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Creaform expands its HandyScan 3D Silver Series

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Creaform has announced the addition of two new scanners to its Handy Scan Silver Series, with new blue laser technology for improved resolution and accuracy levels.

The Canadian measurements solution company said that the new HandyScan 307 Elite and HandyScan 700 Elite were designed to capture data on parts with complex and shiny surfaces.

The new HandyScan Elite handheld scanners should feature an improved resolution and accuracy levels of up to 0.030 mm for the HandyScan Elite 700 and 0.04 mm of the HandyScan Elite 307.

Craform also announced its software VXelements has been upgraded to improve user experience.

Unlike the Black Series, which features 3D scanners with accuracy and resolution levels of 0.025 mm, aimed at product development and quality control, the Silver Series suite of measurement solutions is aimed at SMEs looking for an accessible 3D scanning technology.

Also in the Silver Series is Handy Scan 307, launched in 2021, which, with a starting price of £17,000, features a resolution of 0.1 mm and accuracy of 0.04mm and, unlike the new latest additions, uses a red light technology.

HandyScan 307 Elite and HandyScan 700 Elite are available for purchase at the starting price of respectively £22,230 and £29,400.


“When we first released the HandyScan 3DTM Silver Series in 2021, the response from the market was truly astounding as customers looking for the best performance-to-value ratio felt that Creaform was democratising high-end technology – an industry first,” explained Creaform product manager Simon Côté.

“With the new HandyScan 307 Elite and HandyScan 700 Elite, companies and professionals can choose a truly distinct 3D scanner for the performance they need for whatever application or project they have in mind,” he went on.

“What’s more: they gain peace of mind knowing that they are using 3D scanners developed with superior craftsmanship and backed by a support team who knows 3D scanning inside and out. That’s the value Creaform brings to the table.”

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