Materials tracking system adds traceability to additive manufacturing with Link3D

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Link3D has launched its Material Tracking System module for additive manufacturing, fully integrating it into its existing Additive MES Workflow Software.

The system allows for traceability throughout the entire 3D printing production process by managing material and consumable serial numbers, batches, and order quantities.

By using it, businesses should be able to record their purchase history across all material and consumable vendors and link this data to each printed part utilising the Link3D production scheduling module.
“The goal of this module is to help organisations create better traceability of printed parts in relation to materials used during the run. Having higher control of material tracking will help create repeatable processes to maximize the return on production. Different modules are interconnected to create a data graph,” said Link3D CTO Vishal Singh.

“We have worked with many customers that have previously struggled to keep track of their materials. As a result, they have wasted time and capital to handle this manually,” added Link3D CEO Shane Fox.

“There is a need in our industry for inventory control integrated into Additive MES software. Customers can now capture the Digital Twin of each part as they move towards industrialising 3D printing production.”


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