Formlabs launches biocompatible resin, updated formulas and new materials manager

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Formlabs has just announced an interesting new resin to add into the existing set of engineering focused resins for it’s Form 2 desktop SLAs.

Unlike the most recent additions (which have also had a formulation update this week), which vary mechanical properties, the new Dental SG resin is intended to be used in environments where bio-compatibility is key – specifically targeting the building of surgical guides in the dentistry field.

Dental SG is certified biocompatible Class 1 material designed primarily for surgical guide applications and Formlabs are quoting that the materials can be used high-precision drill guides from digital scan data for implant surgeries.
“When practitioners and researchers have the ability and access to develop incredibly precise tools for surgical applications, it opens up a new range of possibilities for the dental industry and for the medical science industry at large,” said Dávid Lakatos, Head of Product at Formlabs.

“Formlabs is leading the way in helping to advance patient care by introducing solutions that enable personalized surgical planning and mass customisation. Material innovation, like with the introduction of Dental SG, is a key driver in growing the adoption of digital dentistry powered by 3D printing.”


Along with Dental SG, Formlabs is also introducing Materials Manager, which allows users to track resin consumption and tank usage and to easily switch between resins.

When we look a look at the Form 2, the machine impressed us, not only in terms of build quality, but also how the company had advanced the state of the art in terms of material usage and post processing. This news just goes to enhance that opinion.

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