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Productive Machines launch SenseNC Finesse for cloud CNC optimisation

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Productive Machines has made its autonomous machine tool optimisation technology available to customers with the launch of SenseNC Finesse, a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) offering.

SenseNC Finesse provides automated optimisation of milling operations, allowing users to prevent chatter vibrations from every cutter across a production line while running production.

SenseNC Finesse is available to use with Siemens NX CAM software via a software plug-in, meaning that users of existing machines can still use the software to improve their machines’ performance.

Productive Machines’ engineers say that this is done through a stability map that eliminates vibrations on the toolpath automatically before they cause issues.

Machines configured with this software can cut down production time, improve surface quality and reduce waste. A tooling cost of 20 per cent less than previously has been reported by users.

Now that it is available as a SaaS product, Productive Machines anticipates that the software will be used by more companies to eliminate trial and error iterations on machine tools and deliver products faster.

Productive Machines says that the SaaS format means engineers will be able to pick up how to use the software much faster, and has already been deployed at several manufacturers including Renault and MASA Aerospace.


A plug-in for Mastercam users is in production for launch later this year, making it software available for users of other CAM programmes.

“Today’s launch is a huge milestone is making [our technology] accessible to all machine shops that want to reduce lead times and enhance quality, productivity, and sustainability,” said Productive Machines CEO Erdem Ozturk.