‘Full colour’ desktop FDM printing unveiled by XYZprinting

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XYZprinting has announced its 3D Color Jet technology which enables its Da Vinci Color 3D printer to mix and fire CMYK colour droplets onto PLA filament to produce full colour parts.

The CMYK ink cartridges technology allows for a range of 16 million of shades to choose from, while the print bed allows for 200 x 200 x 150mm build volume in a desktop friendly package.

The user has a ‘simulated paintbrush’ within the XYZMaker software that enables them to ‘paint’ their designs and customise colours to their preference.

With 17 years of experience in 3D printer development of both personal and commercial machines, XYZprinting’s parent company New Kinpo Group has an R&D team of more than 8,500 engineers on four continents.


After three years of research for the technology, a new PLA was exclusively developed for the machine along with the coloured ink print heads.

Costing €3,599, the Da Vinci Color also upgrades controls with a colour touch screen, which allows users to control features such as the automatic platform correction, and connect to their home wireless network.

Elsewhere, the printer has been fitted with sensors that indicate broken material detection during the printing process, allowing users to be able to stop and restart prints without wasting time and filament.

If power unpredictably cuts off, the printer has integrated power failure recoveries – automatically saving the final data. After the normal power supply, the printer will return to its previous state to continue its work in progress.

A coil of the materials costs €39, while four ink cartridges (20ml) will be available at €65, with each cartridge capable of approximately 40 colour models of 5 cm3.

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