WAAMCtrl V2 2023

WAAMCtrl V2 software launched for robotic AM

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WAAM3D, experts in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) has announced an updated release of its signature WAAMCtrl software to better control its hardware offering.

In development since 2015, the software utilises the 60 sensors on board RoboWAAM, WAAMCtrl monitors and controls the WAAM deposition, all the while recording key process parameters on its server.

Operators can see in real-time how a project is progressing thanks to the sensors transmitting information to WAAMCtrl tens-of-times per second, for monitoring and control via proprietary wire-position and interpass temperature closed-loops.

Real-time colour-coding of the 3D charts also helps make sense of big deposition data, mapped over the part’s real geometry.

As well as giving users a fully controllable production process, its developers say that WAAMCtrl also incorporates auditable data storage, quality logs, and interactive data navigation, to demonstrate compliance in a repeatable way. Finally, an ergonomic, touchscreen-based graphical user interface should help the operator initiate automatic cycles for shielding atmosphere establishment, maintenance, and evacuation.

WAAM3D CTO Jialuo Ding, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer the v2 release of our signature WAAMCtrl software. WAAMCtrl serves as more than just a digital platform for collecting comprehensive process and system data for quality control purposes. It also offers a high level of process control and assists users in confidently utilising the RoboWAAM system.”

The update also includes support for the latest WAAM3D processes – CWMIG® and Dual-Wire-Plasma – as well as new materials including Waspalloy and Inconel 718. Coupled with support for in-process forging via vertical and lateral rolling, alongside its API able to be integrated with existing ERP and MRP systems, then there’s quite a bit happening.


The development of WAAMCtrl v2 has benefitted from £1.2m of funding from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, within the HPWAAM project.

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