Stratasys looks to cut design-to-3D print times with GrabCAD Print

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A preview shot of the GrabCAD Print file preparation

While the majority of us still recognise GrabCAD for its community of more than 3 million designers, engineers and students, Stratasys has been busy leveraging its software knowledge, creating GrabCAD Print.

The new software is designed to make 3D printing easier and more intuitive by reducing errors through eliminating requirements to translate and repair CAD files, with product designers, engineers, and 3D printer operators now able to send native CAD files to a Stratasys 3D Printer or service bureau directly from their familiar CAD environments.

GrabCAD Print is an open, partner friendly platform that already has collaboration with SolidWorks, Catia, PTC Creo, Siemens NX and Autodesk Inventor, and can operate on desktop, web or mobile platform – meaning no more having to trek to the workshop to check on a build.

How Stratasys envisions GrabCAD Print altering the current CAD file to 3D print workflow


At present, the SolidWorks and PTC versions will have their own plug-ins, giving them some ability in the plug-in to set properties – resolutions, orientation, basic colour assigning capabilities – while GrabCAD Print will have more versatile settings.

A public Beta will be available in the USA this summer, leading to a full commercial launch later this year, most likely at one of the 3D print shows that bulk out that end of the year.

“When we acquired GrabCAD two years ago, our vision was to provide a digital manufacturing backbone to support adoption of 3D printing technologies,” said Stratasys CBO Josh Clamant.

“Underscoring the critical nature of software as an essential ingredient for complete and smooth 3D printing workflow, GrabCAD Print is our first new application built on the GrabCAD platform – empowering customers with a single, open, cloud-based environment for job preparation, scheduling and monitoring.

“Accelerating integration of additive manufacturing on the shop floor, GrabCAD Print also generates real-time business intelligence which can be prepared in actionable reports for Stratasys 3D Printers on the user’s GrabCAD Print network.”

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