Design of the commemorative 50 pence piece for the Commonwealth Games

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The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are underway and the first batch of Glasgow 2014 50p coins designed by tangerine have entered circulation

As well as seeing sport on the telly for the next two weeks whilst the 2014 Commonwealth Games are under way in Glasgow, you may also come across a ‘sporty’ 50p piece in your wallet.

The UK’s product design agencies have had their part to play in the CommonWealth Games with Glasgow-based 4C Design creating the relay baton and now London-based tangerine has announced its contribution to the Games in the way of small change.

The Royal Mint invited design agencies to design a circulating coin. tangerine beat off over 50 competitors to secure the commission.

tangerine’s Dan Flashman (right) led the design team and Alex Loudon (left) was the young designer actually responsible for the design


The winning design was created by young designer, Alex Loudon, who wanted to capture the dedication of the athletes as well as the pride of the host city.

Sir Chris Hoy and Graeme Obree, two of Scotland’s most successful athletes, inspire the cycling and athlete motifs.

“We felt that cycling and athletics best conveyed the sense of athleticism, Scottishness and atmosphere of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games,” explains Loudon.

The Queen together with the Games’ organising committee, had to give their nod of approval, which they ultimately did. “What the Committee loved was the tone of what tangerine did – the spirit, the imagination and the intelligence,” says Dr Kevin Clancy, Committee Secretary and director of the Royal Mint Museum.

The Glasgow 2014 50p coins has already gone to mint and begun to enter circulation. So, check your change.

A full ‘behind the design’ interview with Alex Loudon can be read on the Royal Mint’s blog here.

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