Siemens buy US startup that offers to spot, autocorrect and simulate faults in automated tech

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Siemens has entered into an agreement to acquire Texas-based Austemper Design Systems, a startup software company that offers analysis, auto-correction and simulation technology for automotive, industrial and aerospace systems.

The goal is for Siemens to help its customers quickly bring to market innovations in autonomous vehicles, smart factories and smart cities – with Austempers software adding state-of-the-art safety analysis, auto-correction and fault simulation technology to address random hardware faults.

“The Austemper technology added to the Mentor IC portfolio, along with the Teamcenter portfolio and Polarion ALM software, will give customers the ability to develop and test digital twins of their systems for the highest degrees of functional safety before manufacture and deployment,” said Tony Hemmelgarn, president and CEO of Siemens PLM Software.
Siemens will integrate Austemper’s technology into Mentor’s IC verification portfolio as part of Siemens’ larger digitalisation strategy.

Siemens gives the example of a design teams at leading semiconductor and IP company using Austemper’s innovative technology to analyse the registered-transfer level (RTL) code versions of their designs for faults and vulnerabilities.

“It can automatically correct and harden vulnerable areas, subsequently performing fault simulation to ensure the design is hardened and no longer susceptible to errors. Moreover, the Austemper technology performs simulation at orders of magnitude faster than competing solutions,” said a spokesperson.