VeroUltra White and Black add realism to colour 3D Printing

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New VeroUltra White and VeroUltra Black materials are set to provide an important realism boost for prototyping projects using Stratasys colour 3D printing.

The latest VeroUltra materials have been designed by Stratasys to simulate high-quality opaque plastic parts, even when they are very thin.

VeroUltra Beer-Bottles-3-with-Background-VeroUltra-1118x1536
Enhanced colour separation should allow for more realistic models, even when mixing with the transparent materials

This should be of benefit to users in the consumer packaged goods industry, with the new VeroUltra materials meaning text and labels on bottles and packaging are ‘sharp enough to meet 2D graphic standards’.

The ability to enhance colour contrast and separation mean there’s a significant realism boost to the simulation of natural materials such as wood, fabrics, and marble 3D printed using Stratasys PolyJet technology.

“PolyJet 3D printing continues to be the best-in-class modelling solution for designers as we continuously improve,” said Stratasys Design VP Shamir Shoham.

“What seemed impossibly realistic last year is even better this year.”

Historically, accurately simulating colour, material and finish, has been a time consuming and manual process for model makers.


Over the last few years Stratasys has targeted the sector with the introduction of Pantone Validated colours; improved design workflows through KeyShot 3MF file integration; smaller form factor 3D printers for in design studio use, and simpler post processing.

The new opaque colour materials are available now for the J8 Series and J7 Series 3D printers and in June for the J55 3D printer.

Aside from its prototyping-focussed news, Stratasys has most recently been bolstering its production 3D Printing capability, with the acquisitions of Origin, RPS and the launch of its new H Series binder jetting additive manufacturing technology.

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