3D Systems offer new Geomagic Sculpt with new Touch device

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The 3D Systems Touch haptic controller comes as part of the sub $4k package

3D Systems has launched a new 3D modelling software, which includes a haptic 3D stylus to provide ‘Design You Can Touch’, while also making models easier to 3D print.

Geomagic Sculpt comes with a TouchTM haptic 3D stylus, giving the freedom to design complex, curvy and organic shapes, with positioning input and instant force feedback that mimics the sense of physical sculpting.

The software and hardware pairing costs $3,900, while the set up complements 3D Systems’ 3D printing capabilities, with Geomagic Sculpt’s voxel-based modelling engine twinned with ‘automatic 3D printability analysis’, checking for common printability issues like feature size and proximity, flagging them so you can make changes before you print.

3D Systems is marketing the new system as ‘Multi-representational Design Freedom’, with Geomagic Sculpt the only software that combines the benefits of both voxel modelling and Sub Divisional (SubD) surface modelling with dimension-driven sketch tools.

Small elements, which are often hard to do in standard CAD, are much simpler in the sculpting tool, while textures can be baked onto the model in virtual clay, and images can be imported into the software.


A free trial of the software is available here.

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