SAF HighDef H350

SAF HighDef printing from Stratasys promises improved performance

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Stratasys has announced the release of its SAF HighDef Printing capabilities as well as its new 3D printer, the H350 Version 1.5 (V1.5), with both intended to improve service and performance.

SAF HighDef Printing will be part of a firmware update compatible with the H350 V1.5 as well as previous H350 printers, available at no additional cost for Stratasys customers.

Stratasys says that the new H350 V1.5 printer features improved sensors and remote service capabilities, making it easier to operate and service than previous models, and will come with the firmware update already installed.

The new SAF HighDef Printing will allow for high-definition printing with further detailed resolution than the existing SAF process, offering manufacturers the ability to scale their 3D printing of fine features with increased repeatability while creating more detailed parts.

Engineers at Stratasys state that the abilities of SAF’s thermal control can be used to create smooth, precise features such as gears and mechanisms.

Stratasys predicts that the ability to create such exact features will be particularly beneficial for those in the aerospace, automotive and healthcare industries.

With these releases, Stratasys says it intends to expand SAF adoption with additional applications and use cases for a growing set of manufacturing end markets.


Stratasys corporate applications manager Adam Ellis, said: “Bringing HighDef to our customers will help us expand and improve their capabilities and increase their adoption of 3D printing in manufacturing roles.”

“The new capabilities and the upgraded H350 align with the performance needs that our customers indicated to us, that will allow them to further benefit from additive manufacturing and SAF technology in particular,” said Stratasys VP SAF R&D Torben Lange.

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