Creaform re-engineers its portable CMM to tackle modern quality control challenges

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The wireless HandyProbe Next is targeted at shop floor CMM inspection

A next-generation, optical-based contact inspection solution, the HandyProbe Next is Creaform’s latest hardware for addressing increased demands for rigorous quality control directly on manufacturing production lines.

Creaform announced that the wireless HandyProbe Next has a volumetric accuracy of 0.064 mm, making it ASME B89.4.22 compliant, regardless of environment instabilities, with the ability to perform real-time dynamic referencing of its scanning and probing devices as well as on targets of the object that is being inspected.

Working with the Creaform C-Track optical tracker, the wireless probe has the ability to be moved at any time during the measurement sequence and still generate the same quality data.

The HandyProbe Next works with the Creaform C-Track optical tracker to allow more freedom of movement when inspecting parts


“Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to integrate more rigorous quality control operations into their production processes, while still maintaining the same efficiency,” explained Creaform senior product manager Daniel Brown.

“Aligned with today’s requirements for the efficient production of top-quality products, the HandyProbe Next delivers versatility, shop-floor accuracy and portability, unlike articulated arms or fixed CMMs.”

As part of Creaform’s quality control solution, users can add 3D scanning capabilities to their inspection sequence with the MetraSCAN 3D portable CMM scanner. The solution is also compatible with VXinspect, Creaform’s dimensional inspection software.

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