Presto acquisition adds cooling simulation to ESI’s virtual prototyping range

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ESI has acquired Amoeba Technologies for its CFD simulation tool Presto

ESI has announced that it has acquired Amoeba Technologies, and its key software Presto, to add to its simulation software portfolio.

Presto is focussed on the electronics market and is seen by ESI as its means to expand its Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) market and specifically, to the dynamic electronics cooling market.

One of Presto’s major advantages is a customisable infrastructure interface that can allow unique design workflows, making large-scale parametric design space exploration possible in less time and cost when compared to conventional methods.

Apple, Amazon (Lab123), and Qualcomm are among the named early adopters of Presto


It provides flexibility through its on-demand cloud computing service and is suited for integration and extension within ESI’s virtual prototyping platform to promote multi-domain product and process optimisation beyond the current constrained focus on cooling.

Interacting within ESI’s multi-domain modelling solutions, the solution should allow simultaneous optimisation for performance and fabrication on a single ‘core model’ in a holistic approach, which could add considerable benefits to product development cost and time.

Alain de Rouvray, ESI Group’s chairman and CEO, states: “When integrated into ESI’s end-to-end virtual prototyping solutions, Presto will represent major potential for disruptive innovation, addressing the needs of a large category of users presently hindered by the silo approach of the software tools available on the market.”

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