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Method Series switch to UltiMaker brand, gain Cura software

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UltiMaker has added the Method series of 3D Printers to Cura Software for enhanced slicing capabilities, completing the product’s move from MakerBot and into the professional products line of UltiMaker.

UltiMaker says that this is the first phase of updates designed to improve the compatibility of the Method series with Cura, with future releases already planned to include additional material profiles as well as compatibility with the UltiMaker Digital Factory.

The Method series 3D printers will continue to work with CloudPrint, which offers cloud-based print preparation and remote print management. Users who have strict security policies and cloud restrictions in place can use Cura as a secure alternative that is locally installed on their desktops.

Users can at last take advantage of the latest Cura 5.6 beta release, with new print profiles for the Method X and Method XL 3D printers as well as new material profiles for ABS-R, ABS-CF (Carbon Fibre), and RapidRinse support materials.

Ultimaker says these profiles are as professionally tuned and extensively tested as the profiles for the S series 3D printers and materials, ensuring that Method users get the same level of experience as S series users.

Method users can leverage the power of Cura, which already has over 600 settings, with regular updates promised for new features in the future.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to offer slicing for the Method series 3D printers on Cura,” said Ultimaker head of community and software Arjen Dirks. “We believe that this will open up a world of possibilities, providing Method users with more control, flexibility, and efficiency in their 3D printing processes.”


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