D3DLIVE Speakers: Tom Kurke, Geomagic, COO

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Geomagic COO Tom Kurke’s talk will be bringing IP issues in digital documentation into focus.

Can you copyright a manufacturing assembly? Can you patent a sculpture? Who “owns” public spaces? Do you have the right to manufacture replacement jigs for a production process you did not create? What rights exist in public buildings?

He’ll be looking at relevant intellectual property concepts and then walk you through the nuances of IP law as it applies to objects and scenes to be captured and how changes might impact the future of design.


We’re announcing the speakers gradually over the coming days for DEVELOP3D LIVE, which takes place on the 20th March at Warwick University, although many of our magical confirmed presenters can be found here.


Expect concise and informative talks on design, tools, and what to expect in the future – no dull sales pitches, no companies on stage talking about dull things because they paid to – it’s an event based around DEVELOP3D – a living embodiment of what makes you and thousands more love the magazine. And it’s FREE to attend. But register now, as space is limited.

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