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Markforged Metal X updates performance for Tool Steels

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Markforged has release updated versions of its H13 and D2 Tool Steels filaments for use on its Metal X 3D printer.

The new filaments are reformulations of Markforged’s most popular tool steels for the Metal X, featuring an updated binder that results in a more flexible, less brittle filament.

These materials aim to improve quality of life and printer performance for users while enabling future print modes to increase the breadth of applications the Metal X can support.

The updated H13 and D2 Tool Steel spools can be loaded in an unheated Metal X chamber, which reduces startup and material changeover time.

The new spools have also doubled in content – featuring 400cc of material, twice as much material than the older versions, allowing for more printing to be done before needing to change spools.

Harder than 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and capable of maintaining material properties at high temperatures, H13 tool steel is an extremely versatile material to work with.

Markforged H13 can be heat treated to 45 HRC with a UTS of 1680 MPa, and is in use by Markforged Metal X customers for tool bodies, brazing fixtures, and other parts where hardness or heat resistance are required.


D2 tool steel is harder and more wear-resistant, but less tough, and can be used for cutting and forming tools, or other applications where high hardness are valued.

Markforged recently announced Digital Source, its new on-demand parts platform, that it says will enable manufacturer-certified parts to be licensed and printed at the point of need.

The new Digital Source platform aims to solve supply chain challenges by enabling vendors to upload digital part designs that can be securely licensed to customers, distributors, and contract manufacturers.

Markforged on-demand manufacturing platform promises digital warehousing ability

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