EPX 150 resin carbon

EPX 150 high performing rigid material launched by Carbon

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EPX 150 has been unveiled by Carbon as its fastest-printing, chemically resistant, high-temperature resin, purpose-built to 3D print complex parts and features.

With new capabilities in applications requiring high temperature and chemical resistance, Carbon is targeting the material at products such as electrical connectors, spray nozzles and autoclavable medical devices.

“Designers and engineers need materials that provide the combination of accuracy, repeatability and throughput to produce the many complex parts they are designing at scale — EPX 150 provides that,” said Carbon SVP of materials Jason Rolland.

“With EPX 150 and Carbon’s technology, we’ve created a manufacturing-ready additive process with materials that are able to match the capabilities of high-performance thermoplastics that will enable prototyping and manufacturing to be done on a consistent platform, accelerating the product development timelines and reducing the cost.”

Carbon states that EPX 150 offers better temperature and chemical resistance than EPX 82, and better toughness and overall usability than CE 221.

As its fastest-printing high-temperature resin to date, it has been designed to 3D print complex features at faster speeds, making it suitable for parts with fine features and stringent tolerances.

With a heat deflection temperature (0.455MPa) of 155°C it has the capability of extended use at 125°C while maintaining its chemical resistance – making it an option for industrial and automotive use with fluids like water, coolant, antifreeze and aqueous washing fluids. Low dielectric constant and loss factor also make it suitable for advanced electronic applications.


Its developers say that it also has improved part cleaning off the 3D printer, while a longer pot life for the resin should enable higher production efficiencies.


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