Objet launch new large format 3D printer – the Objet1000

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Taking its scalable 3D printing technology to the next level, Objet has launched the Objet1000 with a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build envelope, while maintaining its ability for fine detail and multi materials.

The machine is a bigger version of the technology within the excellent Connex500 and capable of producing similarly high detail models but on a grander scale. Maintaining all the different ‘digital materials’ technology that allows ‘standard’ materials to be mixed via the printing process to give a model or part of it up to 14 different physical properties.

Resin cartridges have also increased in size to allow for longer builds, as has the solid-looking, beast-of-a casing for the machine (definitely not a desktop printer…) – although we’re yet to learn if the build speed has increased greatly.

“The Objet1000 saves manufacturers and designers from having to assemble prototypes from smaller-sized jigsaw pieces or from having to use various less effective or efficient solutions,” says Igal Zeitun, VP for product marketing and consumables at Objet.


“Unlike comparable 3D printing systems, the Objet100 is just as good at printing 1:1 scale casings that can be drilled, assembled, and screwed together as it is at reproducing the precise look and feel of small, complexly assembled consumer products.”


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