MakerBot launches Method X with ABS 3D printing capabilities

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The Makerbot Method (left) is joined by its new sibling, the Method X

The headlines for the latest Makerbot 3D printer revolve around its ABS material abilities, a 100°C chamber, and the straight-out-of Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports right on your desktop.

The Method X goes to war on its competitors by shouting about its ABS output withstanding ‘up to 15°C higher temperatures, is up to 26 per cent more rigid, and up to 12 per cent stronger’ than modified ABS formulations used by its rivals.

The new machine comes in the same size package as the standard Method launched last December, yet replaces the Makerbot Tough material and water soluble supports with the availability of MakerBot ABS for Method making its thermal and mechanical properties more like the ABS materials used for injection moulding applications.

The new ABS materials for the Makerbot Method X


On paper this makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including end-use parts, manufacturing tools, but we expect its sweet-spot will lie with functional prototypes and custom tools for assembly lines.

The 100°C circulating heated build chamber comes laden with Stratasys’ know-how for a stronger Z-axis, and the availability of Stratasys SR-30 material for easy and fast support removal also lends the Method X a degree of professional respectability

Shipping of Method X is expected to begin at the end of August 2019, starting at $6,499.

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