Ariel Nomad takes lightweight, superfast, customisable design off-road

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The off-road Ariel Nomad – makes us want to move to the countryside!

Ariel are known (and much loved) makers the somehow street legal Aerial Atom stripped back race car, and the customisable Ariel Ace motorcycle, but now they’re taking things off-road.

Its Nomad model shares the thrills and speed of the Atom, but instead of being honed for asphalt tracks, it is a crossbreed of WRC and dune buggy, ripping up gravel, sand or grass.

As we’ve previously covered with the Ace motorcycle, Ariel are experts when it comes down to not only designing and engineering components, but making them work with others.

This means that some of the Nomad’s DNA is straight from the track-smart Atom, while other parts are custom built – allowing for faster turnaround with a degree of customisation.

Aside from the powerful 2.4l K24 Honda 4 cylinder 16 Valve DOHC i-VTEC that barks our 235bhp to shift, the majority of parts are designed and manufactured in-house.


Bronze welded by its staff in Somerset, the safety cage is not only a safety measure, but a rather masterfull bit of craftsmanship, adding security and not a great deal of heft to the nimble 670kg total weight.

More technical are the outboard, long travel suspension. Double unequal wishbones, high rotation metallastic bushes, aluminium quick steering rack; this is half competition, half road car.

The (limited) body work is rotationally moulded polyethylene on the front back, sides and mudguards.

The bodywork is limited, but what exists has been bespoke designed, engineered and manufactured

With composite covers in a range of colours and carbon fibre as an option for bonnet and engine cover, there’s even more room for customisation.

Nothing has made me want to move back to my desolate countryside roots more than the thought of having a Nomad on the driveway!

A render of the initial design complete with mud splashes

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